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Our Mission

To make the utmost personal commitment to construct only the highest quality homes, utilizing the best quality materials, superlative craftsmanship and attention to every detail, all built to our exacting standards and delivering total customer satisfaction.


Everybody talks about it. Rossini & Smith delivers it. We pride ourselves on our strong building and business ethic. At Rossini & Smith, we pay close attention to the details: not only the tangible one's like materials and workmanship, but the intangibles- how comfortable and satisfied our customers are with the building process- and make every decision with the utmost honesty and thoroughness.


It's like a symphony. Just as fine music begins with the right notes played by brilliant musicians, our quality homes start by placing the finest building materials in the hands of the most talented craftsmen. Then we orchestrate all the components to create a distinctive home that meets our customers individual needs and desires.


Quite simply, value is defined as the finest quality delivered in the most cost efficient manner. Since your home could well be the single largest investment you may ever make, you deserve the greatest value attainable for your building dollar. Your Rossini & Smith home will not only be a place you'll be proud to own and a comfortable, safe place to live as your family grows and changes, but also a rock solid investment that will endure for decades to come. In a word, value.